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Director's Message

“ Every human being is born for enjoying all his/her rights and to be treated with dignity and respect ”

The Brothers Integrated Rural Development Society (BIRDS) which is the social unit of The Sacred Heart Brothers is serving for the marginalized communities and slums in Karnataka since 1997. The BIRDS is having the honour of creating new culture of equality and happy life for the poor in Karnataka. The BIRDS is identified as a life giving organization for the poor and needy to have hope in life and enjoy the dignity of life in the communities. BIRDS creates an environment through social policies for all round development of Women, Children, Youth and Adult and we can say that it has been able to achieve much in this direction though much more still needs to be done, if everyone joins hands with BIRDS to bring changes in the life of the marginalized. The BIRDS Rural development programs gives life for the poor villages

Urban development programs help the domestic and construction workers to enjoy their rights in the slums Child development programs gives new life education Women Development program gives a hope for thousands of women Skill Training programs Moulds the youngsters on their careers Peace Building Programs creates the culture of peace in India Human Rights Education creates awareness on Human Rights to all

So the BIRDS feel happy to have the responsibility to bring changes in the life of the marginalized and creating the culture of happy life in India. After traveling two decades with the marginalized and poor, the BIRDS is looking for everyone to support BIRDS to create happy society among the marginalized. The contribution and committed service of BIRDS staff is of much importance and truly immeasurable and merits kudos and heartfelt thanks. The BIRDS with the support and goodwill of our esteemed Donors & Support of Sacred Heart Brothers will keep marching ahead to seek justice for one and all. 

Rev. Br. Albert Xaviour SHJ 
Director, BIRDS

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