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Engaging volunteers is an integral part of our mission. We believe every person has a part to play in creating new culture for the peaceful society. Many volunteers work with us every year to protect and promote human rights here at home and helping poor and marginalized to enjoy the basic needs and live happy life.

Brothers Integrated Rural Development Society (BIRDS) gives life and hope for thousands of Marginalized and poor people in and around Bangalore. More than 6,800 poor people in more than 700 villages of Karnataka especially in the areas of Child development, Women Empowerment, Health, Community Resilience to HIV/AIDS, Capacity Building, Micro Enterprises for Poverty Alleviation and Career Advancement Program without discriminating on the basis of caste, creed and race, Human Rights Education, healthy counseling for the teenagers, Peace building programs, Construction and Domestic workers rights, skill training program for the poor dropout youth etc. It is this opportunity to work across different spheres that appeal to those who choose to do their internship at BIRDS.

Place of Internship :

BIRDS Bangalore office, Karnataka. (Some degree of travel within Karnataka and field work can be expected)

Who can apply :

Interns from diverse academic backgrounds can apply and also International interns are welcome

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