Woman Empowerment

India as a country is still recovering from years of abuse in the time of the Raj and more years of economic suffering at the hands of the License Raj. It is only now that globalization, liberalization and other socio-economic forces have given some respite to a large proportion of the population. However, there are still quite a few areas where women empowerment in India is largely lacking.

To truly understand what women empowerment is, there needs to be a sea-change in the mind-set of the people in the country. Not just the women themselves, but the men have to wake up to a world that is moving towards equality and equity. It is better that this is embraced earlier rather than later, for our own good.

BIRDS have also arranged 17 vocational training sessions in 2014-2015 and 550 women have participated.

And also BIRDS is empowering women by providing IGP (INCOME GENERATION PROGRAME) to have better livelihood and has given loan through its Co operative society of about Rs 2,00,000,00 (Two crores) to 850 women and helped set up their own business unit and running their families without any hassles.

Recently BIRDS women group has held Dharna's and rallies to stop the menace of dumping waste in Mandur, Bangalore and supported surrounding villages to resolve the issue of managing and disposal of waste in closed circuit environment.

Woman Empowerment Process with the following activities

  • Organizing the women and forming into self-help group.
  • Bank linkages and support.
  • Women federation.
  • Awareness programmes.
  • Leadership promotion through training.
  • Promoting thrift and credit programmes.
  • Assistance for alternate income generating activities.
  • Self employment programmes.
  • Skill training.
  • Training community leaders.
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