Our Activities


Women Empowerment Programs

Women Empowerment and entrepreneurship program is one of the major projects of BIRDS since 1997. There are 2800 women who are associated with BIRDS through women empowerment program in Bangalore Urban as well as Bangalore rural. Some of the Women empowerment programs are Formulation of Self Help Groups, Micro Finance assistance, Capacity building and Leadership Training Activities, Income generation program and entrepreneurship support, Skill training, Awareness programs on Domestic violence and women rights, Women federation, Promoting thrift and credit programs etc.

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Child Development Activities

BIRDS also focuses on Child Development program for the marginalized communities and migrants.  The major activities of this program includes providing educational aid and free evening tuition, Leadership training and motivational classes, Children parliament and Summer Camps, Basic etiquette training, child rights programs and malnutrition program for the slum and village children.

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Rural Development Projects

BIRDS has been serving the Rural Community since 1997. 72 villages in Bangalore rural district are the target for this program. Nearly 2900 families in these villages were supported in verious ways for their holistic development. Our urban development project activities are Micro finance assistance for

Slum dwellers, Formulation of Domestic, workers Union, Formulation of Construction workers Union and supporting them to get the ID cards from the Government, Bridging the Domestic and construction work to the Government, Building Houses and washrooms for the domestic workers.

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Skill Training Program

 BIRDS is supporting the marginalized dropout youth on various skill training program. We provide Computer training , Spoken English training, Retail management, Personality Development and financial literacy programs since 2001. we have trained more than 4870 dropout youth and supported then to get a good job in a reputed companies, thus helped their families economically sound.    

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Health & Hygienic Awareness Programs

Health and hygienic awareness program is an another impotent activities of BIRDS since the beginning. Once in two months regular health camp either in the slum or in the village and also when ever there is a need of health camp BIRDS will lead the program to promote healthy environment in the targeted areas. Health care activities in urban and rural areas include free health camps and awareness programs. Assisting the HIV and cancer patients to the hospital and help them. Health and hygienic awareness program for the women and children.Special health camp for the construction and domestic workers. Sanitation programs, formulation of health committees in the panchayats.

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Conflict Resolution and Peace Building

To create peace, BIRDS has taken the program as conflict resolution and peace building program in 15 targeted slums in Bangalore city. We provide following programs under this project. Orientations on Peace and Conflict management, formulation of different groups for the young adults and creating awareness on Peace, Peace walk and street plays, Interfaith Dialogue, Interfaith fest, peace building training for the youth.

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Human Rights Education & Awareness Program

BIRDS provides Human Rights Education & training program for the college and school students to create a culture of Human Rights in India. So far BIRDS in collaboration with HRRC hosted more than 105 Human Rights Education Training program in India and Sri-Lanka . The Activities in HRE are Intensive Human Rights education training program,creating awareness on UDHR and POCSO, supportive hands for the children from child abuse and sexual violations, Child counseling programs for the school children.

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Domestic Workers Union

BIRDS has Domestic workers union, which is registered at Karnataka Government. Morethan 280 domestic workers are in associated in this union and helping all the benefits from the Government and also getting all kinds of rights through various training program given by BIRDS. 

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