Child Development Activities 


Child Development Programs

 Child development Organisations explore the changes from birth to adulthood and lead to several career paths. Graduates may teach at public schools, counsel hospitalized children, or oversee community programs. Professional responsibilities also include creating daily itineraries, discussing progress with children's families, and helping children overcome obstacles. Prospective students should consider their career goals when choosing an institution. 

The researchers study young children from birth through early elementary school with a focus on understanding how early childhood experiences across different settings set the stage for children’s development and well-being. The organisations also works with the federal government, state agencies, communities, and foundations on research, evaluation, and policy projects that address important issues for policymakers, practitioners, and families. They develop resources and reports that address complex topics in easy-to-understand terms. They also are strong thought partners in addressing a range of early childhood issues and help policymakers and practitioners translate research into actions that can improve the lives of young children. 


BIRDS also focuses on Child Development program for the marginalized communities and migrants.  The major activities of this program includes providing educational aid and free evening tuition, Leadership training and motivational classes, Children parliament and Summer Camps, Basic etiquette training, child rights programs and malnutrition program for the slum and village children.

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Program Details



To rehabilitate child labour and empower the children right to rights.



Financial problem, lack of Confidence, leadership qualities, motivation, malnutrition issues.



• Providing educational aids and Free evening tuitions

• Leadership training and motivational classes

• Children parliament and Summer Camps

• Basic etiquette training and child rights programs

. Malnutrition program for the early children

Major Programs

Malnutrition Program



Nutrition is a core importance for the growth and development of children, and a complete intake of nutrition is of utter importance. Vegetables and Fruits are a source of essential vitamins and minerals which are very important for the development of children. Therefore it is important to ensure that children eat vegetables and fruits every day.

BIRDS in collaboration with Government Anganwadies promoting malnutrition and kitchen garden program in Bangalore North. 

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Free Tuition Centers


 BIRDS has free tuition centers in Slums as well as villages to mote education for the marginalized communities. BIRDS has 16 free tuition centers in Bangalore urban and rural.   

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Peace Child Parliament


 To promote leadership and peace BIRDS has a program called Peace Child parliament for the Government school children.  

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Special Children's Camp


 BIRDS  organised intensive special training program during the school holidays to promote capacity building for the marginalized community students. 

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Success Stories of Children



8th Std

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Summer Camp Story


The story of the summer camp for the children in Nagenahalli Slum, Bangalore

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The success story of the malnutrition program in Hunner slum in Bangalore

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