Community Development Programs


Community Development

 The Community Development Projects are aimed at helping the villages in planning and developmental activities. Through these projects, schemes for improving the agricultural production are undertaken.  An important objective of Community Development Project is to make village people self-dependent and encourage them to take part in the activities of national reconstruction.  Also the Community Development Programmes is to improve the standard of liv­ing of the village people. They have been provided with various employment facilities and opportunities to set up industries and the training to improve their agricultural production. Cooperative societies and other such bod­ies have been set up for them to undertake various activities of development planning. 

 Community Development Programme exhibits several characteristics. They are as follows 

 1. It promotes self-confidence among the ruralites.

2. It develops self-reliance in the individual and initiative in the village community.

3. The community development programme effects change at the psychological level of the ruralites.

4. It seeks to create new administrative machinery suited to the manifold needs of the village.


 BIRDS has been serving the Rural Community since 1997. 72 villages in Bangalore rural district are the target for this program. Nearly 2900 families in these villages were supported in verious ways for their holistic development. Our urban development project activities are Micro finance assistance for

Slum dwellers, Formulation of Domestic, workers Union, Formulation of Construction workers Union and supporting them to get the ID cards from the Government, Bridging the Domestic and construction work to the Government, Building Houses and washrooms for the domestic workers.

Project Detils



 a. Agriculture awareness training 

b. Forming an Eco friendly system 

c. Health and Hygiene awareness programs

d. Awareness on environment-Plantation of Trees

e. Rain water harvest  meeting



 327 families have benefited out of this program. We are in collaboration with the local government and provide all kinds of necessary awareness programs to the farmers and families. We have also contributed towards the plantation of hundreds of trees in the villages.  meeting? 



The following issues were identifies in community development programs in rural areas.