Health & Hygienic Program


Health & Hygienic

Awareness in the area of hygiene is an essential need

in slums and villages as they lack education on basic

hygiene. Conducting regular sessions on hygiene and

health camps in the slums and villages helps the marginalized

families to shift from an unhygienic living to a

hygienic and clean life style. The sessions also cover

illnesses caused by medical ignorance.

Child-to-child and child-to-family strategies have

been inculcated into the program to spread key

health messages for impacting the slums and rural

marginalized communities at large to which the women


An educational drive on sanitation & hygiene in the

slums and villages for the women and girls to educate

and empower them on menstrual hygiene as it is one of

the most important, yet neglected health issues in the

community. It is a subject, surrounded by silence and

shame that also restricts women’s access to normal

activities and services.

Brothers Integrated Rural Development Society (BIRDS)

help the slums and villages to know more about their

health and hygiene through awareness and various

training programs and also to help them to have quality

life through periodic health camp.


 Health and hygienic awareness program is an another impotent activities of BIRDS since the beginning. Once in two months regular health camp either in the slum or in the village and also when ever there is a need of health camp BIRDS will lead the program to promote healthy environment in the targeted areas. Health care activities in urban and rural areas include free health camps and awareness programs. Assisting the HIV and cancer patients to the hospital and help them. Health and hygienic awareness program for the women and children.Special health camp for the construction and domestic workers. Sanitation programs, formulation of health committees in the panchayats. 

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Project Activities

Malnutrition Programs


The Malnutrition programme began with identifying children between the age group of 1 year to 5 years. A Check on the height and weight of these children revealed that 37% of the children were undernourished. This study was done on 64 children in a slum in Hennur where 24 children were found to be under nourished. BIRDS stepped in to provide vegetable saplings and seeds as an initiative to start a Kitchen garden which is highly nutritional. After 3 months a routine check on the children showed the number of malnourished children came down drastically from 24 children to 7 children ie rate of reduction from 37% to 10%.

BIRDS in collaboration with the NGO FUUD, a foundation that undertakes under nutritional problems of children, provided nutritional biscuits to the children. BIRDS and FUUD under an agreement with local government introduced malnutrition program among the Anganwadies. In the last six months the project reached 410 children who were taken for medical check-up and we found that around 181 children were identified under malnutrition. BIRDS provided nutrition biscuit for the children and kitchen garden for individual houses including the Anganwadies.

Health Awareness Program


A Special Health Awareness program for children was held at the Kyalasanahalli Government School on the 25th January 2019, around 448 children were benefited out of this program. The BIRDS Children Parliament Coordinator along with two field officers was the resources person for the program. The topics covered were steps to maintain good health and hygiene, consumption of nutritious food for good health. The difference between communicable and non-communicable diseases, prevention measures for various diseases and personal hygiene for girls.

Health Camp


A health camp for the Construction Workers was held on the 21st September 2018, at Bellahalli Bande. Around 232 men and women had come for the free medical check-up. Medicines were prescribed where necessary. On 14th December 2018 a health camp was conducted for domestic workers at the Hennur cross community hall and on 16th January 2019 a similar camp was held at Kelasanahalli. There was a free medical check-up and around 332 women and children were prescribed medicines. The medical team consisted of a physician, a nurse and two attendants. BIRDS provided free medicines for all and around 174 people were referred to government hospitals for further treatment.