Brothers Integrated Rural Development Society

Brothers Integrated Rural Development Society (BIRDS) was established in 1997 with the aim of mitigating the suffering of marginalized communities. For the past 2 decades BIRDS has been committed to protecting and caring for children, youth and women who are vulnerable and belong to the most disadvantages section of the society. BIRDS is administered by the congregation of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart and adheres to all mandatory legal requirements of a Charity organisation. The programmes of BIRDS focus on facilitating access to education and health care, improving civic amenities and increasing sustainable livelihood options. The BIRDS promotes development and empowerment work in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. 

At present, BIRDS works in 60 villages in rural District and 30 slums in Urban District of Bangalore. The target population mostly belong to Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe and Most Backward Communities, who are in the lowest rung of the social order in the Indian society. Some of the major achievements of BIRDS in the past are summarized as follows:

· Facilitated access to education for about 4,000 school dropout children who are pursuing and have competed higher education

· Facilitated vocational skills development to about 3,500 youth and supported them to acquire gainful employment and self-employment

· Supported women in formation of 1,300 self-help groups; inculcated leadership skills in them, enabled them to avail rightful entitlements from various Government schemes

· Promoted and strengthened people’s organisations like ‘Women’s federation’; ‘Domestic workers union’; Construction workers union etc.. This has helped them with collective identify and improved their negotiation ability for advocacy and lobby. 

The Sacred Heart Brothers

The Congregation of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart is an indigenous congregation working for the marginalized to spread the good news. 

 The congregation of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus was started at Irudayakulam, a pleasant and lovely village at the foot of the Pothigai Hills in the Western ghats in Ambasamudram Taluk, Tirunelveli District. A seed was sown at this place by Rev. Fr. Adrian Caussanel, a French Jesuit missionary who made history and strode like a colossus across the stage of the infant Christian Church at the turn of the 20th century in this part of the world. The seed sown by him grew up into a stately tree spreading its branches for and wide and yielding fruit plenteously. This Congregation is purely Indian in character. It was started with lofety ideals that to make known the Sacred Heart of Jesus to the Christians by retreats and instructions. 




A society where Brotherhood and equality is realized



To promote a sustainable process of

social change in favour of the poor

and the marginalized communities

through building community based

people’s organization, strengthening

their capacities and affirming their

rights, based on the values of the

equality and social justices.



• Facilitation of community involvement and ownership of people in the rural development process by promoting community-based women’s groups and leaders from marginalized communities.

• Promotion of Education – Formal and Non-formal – to increase the enrolment and retention of the children from the weaker section of the society.

• Promotion of functional vocational skills training and entrepreneurial development among youth to create alternate avenues of livelihood and income.

• To provide linkages for sustainability of community development and women

empowerment in the areas of adult education, health, entrepreneurial development,environment etc.

• To network, advocate and lobby with government and other bodies on larger issue like human rights, gender issues, campaign on educational rights etc, affecting the weaker section.

• To strengthen and affirm the cultural values of the marginalized communities and use cultural forms as a media for promoting and campaigning development issues

Organization Profile

 * Name of the Organization - The Sacred Heart Brothers 

* Unit of Social Organ - (BIRDS) Brothers Integrated Rural Development Society 

* Year Established - 1997 

* Address of the organization - Irudaya Nilayam, Geddalahalli, Kothanur Post, Bangalore – 560077, Karnataka, 

   INDIA +91-7619202757 / 

* Contact Person - Br. Albert Xaviour SHJ - Executive Director  +91 9533172414 / 

* Registration Details - Karnataka Society Registration Act of 1960, Society No. 3/77-78. / 8February 1978 

* FCRA Details - 094420337 date: 16.08.1985 

* 12A Details - Regd no.a-1/t-116/99-2000/cit-II / 26.04.1999 

* 80 G (5) (VI) Details - Regd no.DIT (E) BLR / 80G (R) / 383/ AAATT5718L/ ITO (E)-2/Vol 2009-2010.Dated: 18.09.2009. 

* Bank - The South Indian Bank, Branch - Bangalore, Kothanur , Name - The Sacred Heart Brothers , 

   Account - 0486053000001020 , ISFC - SIBL000048