Skill Training for the dropout

People talk about the Demographic Dividend/Liability in India and the need to provide skills to the youth who could not complete their education or aren’t competent enough to get a job in the market. Apart from the government, there are various NGOs that are working in the area of skill development/vocational training and BIRDS is one of them, the organization that has been working with since last one decade.

Skill Training is a project under Smile Foundation  that primarily caters to the school dropouts by helping them become economically independent through skill training. It has various models designed to reach out to the maximum number of deprived youths across the country.

BIRDS has its own centers known as LDCs – Livelihood Development Centres in 30 slums where they have a classroom setup. They also organize various MLDCs – Mobile Livelihood Development Centres for rural setups where they temporarily conduct their camps for a month. The courses are chosen basis the livelihood opportunities available in that locality/ area. We have courses like beautician, tailoring, mobile repairing, motor mechanic, retail, hospitality etc. During the training, major emphasis is put on practical learning for better understanding. After completing the course, they help students to prepare for interviews and get a job.


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Program Details



 To empower youth & adolescents

to provide Vocational / Skill

development training for

sustainable livelihood and


Identified Issues


Unemployment, Un-Skill, lack

of self Confidence, poor in

English fluency and computer


Target Areas


 36 slums in Bangalore Urban and 15 village i s Bangalore Rural


Spoken English Training


Providing Spoken English Training program for the marginalized dropout young adults. 

Personality Development


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Computer Training Programs


The computer training program helps then dropout youth to get a job very easily. 

Retail Management Training


Retail management training program by BIRDS help the youth to improve their knowledge on retail management and find a job as a retail seller at Bangalore. 

Success Stories

Success Story of Vanishree


Vanishree was born and brought up from an underprivileged family. She has completed her BA Degree course. Failed to continue her further education due to her family financial constraints. During mobilization period of Birds STeP Initiative, Vanishree got influenced by the STeP programme and its objectives where she enrolled herself at STeP center with the hope of getting a decent job.  

Success Story of Kalaiselvi


 Kalaiselvi was born and brought up from an underprivileged family. She has completed her Second year course and does not have any other skills. Failed to continue her further education due to her family financial constraints. She is married and has two children. Husband has a private job.  

Success Story of Manoj


 Manoj was born and brought up from an underprivileged family. He has completed his 10th and pursuing his diploma and does not have any other skills. He was not able to continue his further education due to financial constraints of his family. 

Success Story of Amar


 Amar B R is a boy from a poor family of Bande Bommasandra, Bangalore. He is very good in studies and interested to learn many new things. But has no basic skills of computer does not  have much knowledge about the soft skills, interviews & lack of confidence. He is very much interested to study & wants to support his family with finance. So we gave admission to him in our STeP center and he successfully completed his course and he got a job in Ammas Bakery, Kothanur which is a popular eatery of north Bangaluru.  



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